Order your home-grown pork today!

Order your home-grown pork today!

About Us

We are an old-fashioned farm family living in rural Wisconsin who love the outdoors.  What started as a county fair 4-H project with our boys has now grown to around 400 pigs at our farm.  It all began when our boys asked to raise a couple of pigs for the county fair.  My husband explained to them how it was important not only to hopefully sell the pig at the county fair but to know what it takes to raise a pig from the time they are born to when they are ready to eat.  Our family has a tendency to do things in an “all or nothing” manner and as you can see we went all in! We love to raise Hereford and Hereford Cross pigs which are a heritage breed and a cross between a Duroc and a Poland China pig.  We love raising this breed because of their mild-mannered behaviour and a meat that has excellent marbling and taste.  We don’t feed our pigs any animal by-products, and do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones, which is very uncommon in the pig industry.

Our pigs are fed corn, soybeans and various fruits and vegetables.  We believe in giving our pigs plenty of room to play and started our farm with all of our pigs outside. Unfortunately the past few years we have experienced a tremendous amount of water and mud that has taken a toll on our animals. Our main concern became being able to provide clean water and dry food on a daily basis. It took hours at times to dig waterers out of the mud and clean out feeders that had become wet or even moldy. With that being said and months of planning and research, we decided to build a barn for our animals in February 2017.

The difference between our barn and most is overwhelming. We built an open-air barn that allows fresh air and sunshine in on the south side of the barn. We have a “slanted” floor that allows all manure to flow down and be scraped outside into a closed outdoor pit that keeps any “Ammonia” fumes outside of the barn. This enables our animals to breathe in fresh clean air. We are now able to give our hogs clean water and food whenever they want and most important give them plenty of space to roam. We don’t believe in factory farms and value giving our moms plenty of space to have her little ones while nursing. The biggest difference in a barn our size most “factory” farms would house three/four times the animals we do. We believe the health of our animals is most important and strive to give them the best care possible. Our mission is to raise pigs for you! We know that you will notice a huge difference.

Every summer we invite folks who buy pork from us out to the farm for an old-fashioned picnic and of course to see and hold some pigs! We were blessed to have over 500 folks drive out to the farm. We invite you and your family to come out and see the way that we raise pigs… the old-fashioned way. We know that it will be an experience that you will never forget!

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